The GALLANT razor is specially developed to meet all the high standards of safety and hygiene within the medical healthcare sector.


The GALLANT razor is the clear choice to ensure perfect results within aesthetic medicine pre operational surgery.


Only the best is good enough for the care of our animals. The GALLANT razor has proven highly successful within veterinary surgeries.

Gallant Razor Australia

Safe pre-operational shaving requires the best razor. The GALLANT razor has unique properties which make it the first choice for professionals worldwide. Innovative design and quality Swedish platinum plated steel blade, ensures a precise shave with minimal risk of cuts and skin irritations.

The Gallant medical razor is fully disposable and designed for optimal hygiene when in use. We have combined years of design experience and knowledge to engineer a razor that provides a clean, safe shave during the pre-operation stages. This sleek new design was created to ensure the smoothest, cleanest shave possible and steps away from the traditional razor aesthetic as a result.

The Gallant disposable medical razor is available online and can be purchased in bulk for delivery throughout Australia. If you have any enquiries regarding this highly efficient razor, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team of staff.

Swedish Design, Industry Standard

Gallant razors were developed after an intensive research program undertaken by Swedish engineering firm Process Construction. Adolf Kowal, a creative engineer, came up with the idea for the razor after a successful stay in hospital. Wanting to expand his portfolio and try something new, he began working on ideas for improving the standard of medical shaving both at home and abroad.

Kowal had one question in mind: what should a pre-operational razor be able to achieve? Considering this question, he went to work on developing a design that would be able to shave the skin smoothly and efficiently and make it clean for operation. Thus, the Gallant medical razor was developed, and has been providing successful pre-operational shaves for patients around the world.

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