GALLANT razor is the result of many years of dedicated product development. The aim was to design a razor which is efficient and safe, without being bound by traditional perceptions of how a razor should look. The new design was launched by the Swedish company Process Construction during the eighties and has since become a worldwide established product.

Meeting the high demands of

the healthcare sector.

Design and Engineering

It all started with a creative engineer being hospitalised. Following a successful operation and being inspired by his hospital stay, Adolf Kowal was looking for new challenges. Having gone through this recent experience, he recognised the need for an improvement to pre operational shaving.

An intensive product development and research began. The starting point was to establish what a pre operational razor should be able to achieve. The result was the GALLANT razor, which by design does not resemble any traditional razors. GALLANT was engineered to smoothly follow the contours of the body by placing the handle in front of the blade, only requiring finger tip pressure for GALLANT to glide across the skin.

Quality was key in the development. The blade was to be platinum plated Swedish quality steel, ensuring a precise and safe shave, thus minimising the risk of cuts and skin irritations.

Worldwide Success

The response from health care professionals was immediate. The GALLANT razor was performing as Adolf Kowal set out to achieve. Professionals experienced vast improvements with the new GALLANT razor.

In the mid eighties Process Construction started their manufacturing of GALLANT (with managing director Adolf Kowal at its helm), regularly supplying Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Pharmacy company (Svenska Apoteksbolaget).

The interest in GALLANT has spread quickly amongst international health care sectors and has supplied its two main markets, USA and India for many years.

In recognition for its innovative and functional design, GALLANT was awarded in 1988 by the Swedish design council “Utmärkt Svensk Form”.